October 14, 2005

liek a fignar but not a fingner

lookit ur thubms. look a lot like fignars dont they? but their stuby. an in teh wrong place. an there misign a joint. they dont look quite liek they balong to a human. oh sure their oposable but who knows waht there gona up an do some dark night whan ur asleep? there creepy an unreal but they're they are. cant ignoare em! cant get rid of em!

best not ta thikn about the damn thignns at al if u can hlep it.

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Arlington is right!

You know what's really creepy about thumbs? People who have those thumbs that kind of bend back a little, creating that devil's crease of disgust on the back of the joint, almost at a right angle. You know those people? And they're always flaunting it, bending their thumbs back with abandon. It's disgusting.
Yep, gotta agree here. Thumbs...just weird looking. One of my cats has thumbs, though, and on her somehow it looks really cool. Polydactyl, they call it. ....Yup, been reading.
Those cunning thumbs... it's like they're always *there*... except for when they're not, in which case the use of utensils becomes extremely awkward.
So, my thumb was the cause of that nocturnal emission that one dark night? I must speak to Fr. McMushylap at once.
When I was a child I never ate chicken drumsticks because they reminded me of torn-off thumbs. They still do, but now I don't care.
On the other hand, I also have a thumb.
Here's an angler spotted at the Lake of Menteith. He found his fingers so uncanny he had them replaced with toes:


The thumbs are still hangin' on in there, though.
Thanks, Audrey. I will be haunted by that photo for weeks now.
My thumbs are in the right place. Pray, where are yours, Hahaah?
I'm sorry Arlington, this time I'm not sure what you mean.
I know exactly what he means. Thumbs only have two bits to them and fingers have three. Keep up Marooon, I thought you had a PHD.
They're not as sinister as your toes though, just look at those fuckers. The thumbs are merely the advance guard. You mark my words.
I've just thought, do you type solely with your thumbs, Hahaha? It would explain a fair bit.

Also, I've heard that cl**ns have an extra funny bone in each of their thumbs, an hence an extra joint too.
Noreen I was being a canute.

Teh treribible theng is,

muy muther onse ponted owt a purson hoo shee sed wuz Al Thumms.

i hadd nitemairs four weiks!
jeez i had no idae thmbs were scuh a hot topac. cool!

v - eeeughghgh! stopit!

adrsste - dont al cats have tuhmbs? i thot polydactylic cats jsut had xis digets instead afive.

lynydk - u cna use btoh hnads. aso if u got a prahensil tail. or whatevar.

hb - dude teh ganetic eginers are workin on chikcan legs that dont just ramind u of thubs. teh resebmlence is gona be uncany. its so cool.

adrey - omg. thats kidna krepin me out. more then a litle actuly. nothin good comes outa that lake does it? an they got teh other one with the dinasor to.

jtp - aint sayin. AN DONT TLKAK ABOT TEH C****NS!!1!

rob - i know. oh god i know. thakn hevan for socks or idve gone mad logn sinse.

jef - we had onea them in my vilage. we hada burn im at teh stake.
Killer lie: Thumbs used to be called funs because of all the amusing uses to which they can be put.
Blech! Well being a girl, I definitely don't have one of the "whatevars" you mention... and quite happily so, I'd say! Shite, that sounds scary... can you imagine holding chopsticks with one of those?!
If you had a prehensile penis, you could have the zip on the inside of your trousers.
Killer Extract It may be appropriate at this point to quote from the journal of the well-known diarist, chiropodist and mal vivant Osgood Malbronch, reputedly the inventor of the collapsible denture for rapid and convenient mastication while travelling. That pellucid and trenchant commentator, whose anecdotes were the terror of drawing-rooms from London to Birmingham, should undoubtedly have the final word on this ethereal and metacarpal subject:

18 October 1895: I think my toes are (Here the manuscript breaks off)

I think the point is made.
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