October 24, 2005

kilar fact!

teh ploral of 'crab' is 'crab'.

how ya like them aples eh?


truns out my redars are wroldly types wiht wide experance of what u miht delacately call teh butarflies of love. er what hte good dr siantast calls 'migretory freckels'. which are of cuorse ploralized with a 's'. so im takin some flak he're but it dont faze me.

anothar godanm updat!

dr s is on teh trail of a californadian clowan plot!

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that's because it's a non-countable noun...you can't say "that's a whole lot of craps" unless there are dies involved.
is taht 'dies' liek in 'dies irae'?
It's like that with several other animals, too, like moose and deer. Just enough to be confusing...
deer arnt a anamal. their a rodant.
Utter nonsense, I was treated for crabs just last week. It ain't called a "case of the crab", you know!
But the stripper told me that those weren't crabs, they were "migratory freckles".
Hmmm... I'm unconvinced wrt your irregular inflection, but I do know that 'catching a crab' and 'catching crabs' are both the price you pay for joining a rowing club.
and btw, I've certainly eaten dear deer, but has anyone had moose mousse for dessert?
It's true- the pubic louse Phthirus pubis can be plural or singular, with its synonyms 'crab louse/lice', or as 'crabs'.

Incidentally, pubic lice with their specially developed clinging forelimbs appeared as a late evolutionary ofshoot of the all-body louse seen in other primates. Phthirus pubis seems to have adapted to an STD niche only in humans. Probably as a result of our peculiar body hairlessness, with startling re-appearing patches of secondary sexual hirsuteness.

However, as you'll know the STD chlamydia is common to both humans and koalas. Think on that.
Koalas are cool. Not only do they like to get fucked-up, they care not a whit whether they are countable or otherwise. For real expertise however, one should turn to the sloth. They know the fucking score.
Ah, so that is what you youngin's are calling the VD now.
STD? So that's what it means.

Better be heading back to the Doctor.
iopn - cilging frorelibms? i gota aunt wiht those.

berwaski - dude man. solths are badasssss. dig it.
Muff Diver is wrong! They only call it crabs on the NHS. If you go private, the consultant will say “ an inconvenience of crab sir”, or so I’ve been told.
And another thing, my grandfather invented the telephone and STD stands for Subscriber Trunk Dialling. Let’s keep it tight people.
Koalas like to get fucked-up? How, like? On eucalypus leaves, or licking cane-toads?

And Ha3- was that your aunt or your ant that had the clinging forelimbs? Oh, never mind...
Come on Maroon, the plural of NH is NH - how can you have two national healths?
Around these parts it's common to see sexual health workers hanging around in bars waiting to spike people's drinks with STDs in order to keep themselves in a job.
I don't know about crabs, but the collective noun for jellyfish is a smack.
Ion - koalas are total fucking stoners man. The eucalyptus, a tough plant that no other living thing bothers with, acts as a narcotic on our dissolute friends. That's why they loll all day in the tree-tops, munching on that good shit. You ever seen a koala being dynamic, swinging from tree to tree? I don't fucking think so! There's a lot of video of K.s clinging on to branches and just falling the fuck off they're so wasted. I suspect, being languid guys and gals, levels of 'inconvenience of crab, Sir', are low.
Brewki is wrong-
They're not stoned but slothful, an expression of the slow metabolism of many marsupials.
wheres that psot about parogarmign in visualc ?
proc - culd u dascriabe it? whan did u see it?
Ion is right! The stoned thing is one of them urban legend things. Much like STDs. I mean, who believes in that crap?

Also, once I quit seeing a guy because he insisted on saying "shrimps" for more than one shrimp. A girl has got to have standards, you know.
vogeu if u rely had stanards u wuldna said 'has' in fornt a 'got'.
I probably wouldn't have said "one of them [x] things," either...OR WOULD I?
wel a course not. uda siad 'them they're' liek a civalizd preson.
Thanks to Ion and Vague, I have lost all respect for koalas. Although I wouldn't wish chlamydia on anyone.
The koala reminded me of an earlier post of HA HA HA’s. Is this not like people who go on safariS and return to say they’ve seen elephant, wildebeest, zebra? You wouldn’t say, “I was at the seaside and there I saw seagull, coke can, CRAB.”
Is teh pulral of corn on teh crab? Oer do u ad buter and salte?

Solvet saeclum in favilla!
Dont start bluffing your Latin here chum! It upsets him.
Dr Maroon - ...or two elephant
by the lake, drinking. The Americans have truly fucked the English language.
And hurry up and give us the next episode of Clowany
I'm so sorry to interrupt, but Dr Maroon? Really? Did your grandfather invent the phone? I've always thought you were rather clever, and now I think I can see why! Although, knowing your wicked sense of fun, I expect you are pulling our legs!
And hurry up and give us the next episode of Clowany
Give the guy a break, it takes a lot of effort to translate it from the original C++.
anon - we haev liek hlel fckuecd up teh eglesh lagunge! i htigkn u ow us a upalegy.

jtp - i like taht exuse!
Yes, yes, yes, this is all funny and good, but I'm with Jake. Where's the next episode of Clowany? I fear you're building up to something really sinister and Halloween is nigh!
Eh? No pressure from me, paleface, it's that anonymous who lacks patience. Think about it though, to have an episode on Hallowe'en would set a dangerous precedent. Soon we'd be rationed to only getting them on Friday 13ths and Hallowe'en and Hillary's birthday - and that would be horrifying.
Last weekI asked the florist for some chlamydias.

Now I understand the restraining order.
Hey- you're lucky. Went into the combined pet shop/grooming parlour to pick up rat food. Asked of the assistant whether the happy fluffy dog appearing from the parlour had just had a blow-job. I meant blow-dry.
PS Jeff's 'corn on the crab' is another urban myth, but sympathise with vague- remember that in the YouKay you've not only shrimp/s but prawn/s. And get this-they're perversely reversed in size
ion, don't get me started on size, of course we say shrimps and prawns and favour and colour - you got too lazy to do it right! I had a bucket, a fucking bucket of what was called Popcorn Shrimp in Galveston - enough to feed half an army and I still don't know what the fuck they are - crayfish? Or some weird GM hybrid things? Anyway, they tasted lovely!
All you need to know is here.
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