November 11, 2005

kiler fact!

teh wrod 'crapulent' has nohtign to do wiht crap.

ORIGIN Latin crapulentus, from crapula ‘drunkenness’.

i know somea u swine know taht aready so i dont wana hear it. if im teh only one who didant know it i dont wana hear taht ether.

oh right

not aruond much. bean real busy. bleh. mabe reders might wana share their experances with abductoin in coments? dosnt mater which side of hte isue ur on — all views are welcame! if u disagre do it tacfuly. ferexapmle dont sjust say 'fukc u a-hole ur a giberin witles moron an your ten tims worse then hitlar!' instead say 'fuck u ahole ur a gibbarin witlas mroan an u r as bad as hittler.' see if u dont exagarate ow much more cival it is?

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Crapula is my favorite Zemblan word: it means hangover. For example, Yeg har en plokhoya crapula.

NB: That sentence is my own stupid version of Zemblan in which no case endings are needed. Because I can't be bothered with cases. I'm busy tending this horrible crapula.
I was abducted by aliens once, and I've been stuck on this bloody planet ever since.
You can get alien abduction insurance here:
I did not know that.
The first time I saw it in print was in "Raise High the Roofbeams Carpenters" By everyone's friend JD Salinger copyrighted in 1955. I'm sure he says somewhere something like "...that crapulous year that was 1942..."

Why you no come round no more HA HA HA? We all miss you something shit.
What about craptacular?
I'm never sure if you like bad language here, Mr H? Are you pro-fanity, or against?
v - froget case ednigns! thorw of the chanes of garmar!

phil - whoa cool! what kindna proab did htey use?

gial - tahts a ripoff. al u rely gota do is line ur cave with bluegrean algae an tehy cant fnid u.

dr m - busybusybusy.

jtp - on tihs bolg? wel i can live wihotut it ig uess but ive done it myslfe so id look like a real schmuck telin u not to sware wuldn i?
I beg to differ. When I get crapulent, it takes at least one toxin laden poo for me feel better the next day.

If that isn't a connection, I don't know what is.
The word'crap' as it relates to scatology originates from one Thomas Crapper, the royal plumber to King Eddie VII. That's not really to the point though, is it? I've heard people say 'craptastic' before. Um, gotta go.
The word crap is much older than Edward VII's plumber. It derives from the Middle English word crappe, meaning chaff, hence something worthless. Thomas Crapper was just unlucky.
Anyway, on the same page of the Chambers Dictionary is the word crassulaceous, which has nothing to do with lace.
I'm not so sure Thomas Crapper was unlucky you know. I think some people are drawn to their vocations through environmental factors - like their names - making this rather more inevitable than just by dint of chance. Used to be that lots of people called Smith became smiths, Cooper became barrel-makers (fuck only knows why that was) and so on. If your name contains the word 'crap' it's really only a matter of time before you get interested in plumbing.

It also explains a lot about the sort of people who live in Scunthorpe.
fare enuohg. but whats a thorp do then?
Take your pick:

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