November 17, 2005

flithy gream brutes

turtal lives 175 yers only to be tormantad by antipodal maniacs howalign offpitch at er:

Very old green thing wonders if it has any messages.

tham trutles think their rely smart lvign so logn but whose got teh aposable thubms eh? eh? evary time i se a turatle i go rght up to im an wigal my thubs uin is face just to let im know teh score. i tel im 'mabe in 100 yers ill be dead but youll be still tryina figur out how ta answar teh phone u losar! hahahahaaa!'

fromm norum.

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I see you have come to terms with your thumbs at last. Waggling them indeed.
Antipodal antipodeans, eh? Who could be against feet? Isn't this the guy who wrestles crocs? Surely he needs feet for that - or is it just other people's feet he doesn't like?
berwiksi - a man wwhos not afard ti wagle is thubs can acoplish anythiigng!

jtp - wel if youd had a corc stick is fout in ur eye youd realvaluate ur persoenel relatoinshp wiht feet to.
If you pet one of the stinking things,you have to wash your hands. They carry Salmonella.
Gail is right! Always have a responsible adult present when petting Australians.
That turtle kind of resembles the picture in Arlinton's sidebar. Resembles it about as much as it can while still looking turtly anyway.
Are those parrot feathers in it's mouth? I think so.
Or are they clowan feathers?
glail - isn salmonella a ol ed wood flick abuot a gient fish taht tererizas hte outar hebredes? i thot deran daran got there name form taht movie.

saen - does lok crepily humen dosn it? mabe its a pupat an teh beebeecees just havign a lauagh at us.

r&b - its a ringedn clowan paret form mesozuela.
yeah wppd maede salmonela righgt aftar his clasic mantissa.
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