November 25, 2005

'are u a idiat?' 'yes! yes! a thuosend times YES!!1!'

pares hlitlon wrom infects milians.

To become infected, recipients must click on the attachment, which is zipped, then unpack the zipped file, and then agree to run the executable file that appears. That provides several chances for a consumer to realize something is suspicious.

jesas christ its a honor system virus! an it actuly works. for al intents an pruposas its givign the'se trogladyts a series of prompts logicly equavelent to the folowign:

are u a uttar moron?

duhhhh... paras hilten... paris hitlen... uhh. yesyesyes!

no rely are u a compleate godamn droullin idiet? a genuine certafied flatliner? unable to feed yourslef? would u like to play rusian rulette with a autamatic?

oh god yes!

are u ABSALUTLY CERTIAN u want to infect ur computar wiht a viras?


thease morons daserve what they get.

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