December 19, 2005

girls are wierd

so i dacidad to try inernat datign an i met this chilc. like she was ok so i was like 'yaeah lets hae a vear or wahtvear'. so we agread to met at tihs bar an i siad 'il be teh tal guy with the palgue mask an hte scythe. an glases.' so i showd up an ware was she? duno. totly blew me off.

wtf? i dont unarstnad wemen worth crap. is waht teh problam is if u rely wana know.

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It’s the little things ladies notice. Next time shine your shoes and have some large denomination bills sticking out your pocket.
Were they rimless glasses? Girls dig rimless glasses over plague masks.
Could it be because you were wearing only the mask and spectacles, and nothing else? My advice is to wear clothes on a first date.
I would have shown up.
Andraste, Me too. Coz every girl's crazy bout a sharp-nosed man.
wel yeh but its the glasas that we're teh problam i thikn. u dont wana come of liek a nerd.

mabe if ida mentoinded teh bowlign shoes that wulda helped.
What, no holocaust cloak? It adds that certain je ne se quois to the classic scythe, plague mask and bowling shoes ensemble.
"It's a fool that looks for reason in the female heart."

I have no idea where I heard that, but I've adopted it as a motto of sorts. It's saved me a lot of stress and led me to a happy marriage.
She was there, mate!
I was just there before you!
We went clubbing!
Dude! Who'd you club?
If she blew you off then I'd say you got lucky, Arl. A girl who does that on the first date is definitely up for a little how's-your-father, given enough time.
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