November 29, 2005


vagues rely inta cultary. wahts with taht? half the time i dont evan use my hans.

if u mediate ur meals you nevar raelly get in tuoch wiht ur food. u gota merge with it baby! sure peopal in erstarants get wierd abuot it somtimes but u gota stick to you're guns. my cat sticks is face in teh bowl an noboddy cals him a freak. duoble stnadards are a nasty thigg guys.

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Oh, Arlington, I don't need to tell you how much this freaks me out. I need a valium. More than usual, I mean.
u gota stick to you're guns.

What if you're a vegetarian and don't eat guns?
If you eat oatmeal with your hands, you may stick to your guns permanently. That stuff is like cement when it dries.
v - sory!

phil - wel than ur gona get a iron daficency. cuorse u can get that just etin glocks too.

gaill - rihgt! so u can se teh wisdam of just stikcin ur face in the bwol.
I always stick my face in the bowl at home. In restaurants I don't, not out of decorum, but the concern of my friends after I snarled and snapped if anyone's hand came too close to the dish. Public safety and all that. My friends suspect I have clowan in me.
For vague-
In the UK, when you accidentally slip into Murrcan 'silverware', the working classes will assume you're an aristocrat. Ordinary folks say 'cutlery' or just use the descriptors- knaves, dorks and spitoons. If you're not an aristocrat, remember to be proper. To be forewarned is to forearmed.
It would be interesting to see your cat's face if you ate out of it's bowl.
It is disrespectful to dip your head into the bowl while eating in some oriental cultures. Utensils help this. But Vague- pls beware of saying silverware when you mean cutlery, in the UK. You're instantly distressed aristocracy with that term.
Thanks Ion. Here, you know, some of our "silverware" is plastic (like the spork, of course), but we still insist it is silverware. The relentless optimism of the American Dream, or a basic refusal to use words correctly?
jtp - naw he dont mnid sharign. hes real laaid back.

berwiksi - but snrarlin an snapin is half teh fun!
Vague, I would say we have just broadened the definition of "silver."
Plastic cutlery is made from oil. Therefore, I suggest you stop with this eurotrash aristo nonclemature & call them Freedom Forks.
I went through a phase of only eating with chopsticks. It lasted about a year. I've grown out of it now and I'm much better, thank you.
Arlington, you're lucky you don't live in the thirteenth century. They didn't believe in "falling upon the dish like a swine while eating, snorting disgustingly and smacking the lips"
How do you know he doesn't live in the thirteenth century? They've got lawns and everything.
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