November 25, 2005

anothar stupid poll!

gail did one like this but none of her ansars fit me. an i dont think im the only monerhcist on the net ethar. so hear it is! please answer acuretly. an no getin al hostal an seriuos in teh comants!

What is your political affiliation?
Marxist (orthodox, reformed, or off the wagon)
Labour (but opposed to all of their policies)
Social Democrat
Monarchist (limited)
Monarchist (absolute)
Free polls from


holy crap i frogot a few: jacobin, jacobite, yorkist, lancastrien, libertarian (capital l), libertarian (small l), free silver, anti-mormon, whig, sendero luminoso, nader, green, menshevik, bull moose, tammany hall, dixiecrat, free softtware foundation, workers revolutionary party, revoutionary workers party, swp, foad, gpl, lgpl, bsd, gcc, stl, msvc, respect, etc.

wel they only let me have 20 optoins so ur up a crick. if we got any of tehm pick a close aproxemation (e.g. greens prety close to junche an yorkast lacnastrion an jacobite are prety much monarchsts of one stripe oranothar aint they?) an do a writein in coments.


absalute monarchests are tyed wiht anti-frenchies for teh lead wiht five voates each! which exposas monerchy as the dafinitive falutline in my raedirship: is thare any natoin in eurpe or hte americas wiht a moare viable abselute monarchist movemant than france? i duobt it! cuorse thats not sayign much. but u gota give em credat for tryign right?

oh an i also frogot tory! an arnarchofacsist an a whole galaxy of multicolorerd islamic estremist parties. an in farenes i shulda adad 'profrench' too. an 'anti-belgian'.


an waht abuot the guelphs an ghibellines eh? whatr they choped liver? an that whoale avignon deal. i canot act efectivly in my reders intrests if i dont know which antipope they suport.

man the disgrontled laberites are walkin away wiht it.


oh yeah: woblies! lollards! levelars! knipperdollings! cavliers an ruondheads!

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I'm a minarchist, which is indistinguishable from a monarchist around here, so I'll check that one.
I (belatedly) thanksgive you, Arlington, by the way.
I am an anti-French Thatcherite but I don't do my hair like that.
Why don't you ask us about things that really matter, like PC or Mac, foreskin or circumcised, bread or circuses?
BTW does anyone know what sort of premium one has to pay to get a proper Turkish turkey?
Two votes for the monarchy already? This poll is rigged. Unless Prince Philip's a reader.
(wisperz: anti-french. leafs quietly)
Prow-Algebrabularian, mening I can speke of mny triangulates and is les obstuse than cute, tht is 4 shur. Vot fer a squr deal.
I'm a Japanese Imperialist and Welsh Nationalist who supports Islamic Jihad. What about me?

I guess "Canadian" is the next best thing.
Not Islamic Jihad. They’re eejits. I meant Hezbollah.
jtp - tahnks!

gial - i awys did wondar if magie was any erlation to marlo thomas.

h.b. - we got fuor monarcests now! one of ems only limeted thouhg. not sure i aprove of taht. shuldn u have the corage of ur convictons? anyhwo i think u undarestemate the suport for monarchy in the wrold today. its teh coming thing!

bob - right!

hary - yep. cenadian. like hezbula but wihth more beer.
u sure u dont wana conasider zanu-pf hairy? there up for grabs dude!
Anyway, what's the point of this? Does the winner get to form a government?
As a liberal Tory anarchist I voted for absolute monarchy.

And what about anarchofascism?
hiary - wel i was actually curoius whan i dacided to do it. but then teh options got incresignly wimsical an i kindna went wiht that.

lem - i htikn 'liberl torey anerchist' aproxemates anoarchofacsist prety wel. thuogh wihc is teh anarcho an which is the fascist mihgt be in despute.
what i meaen to say is it may lack taht claer sense of purpose what my redars have come to exppect.
No category for the Wobblies. Schade.
I appreciate the rare opportunity to vote for (or against) an absolute monarchy.
Wobbly. Why can't I be anti-French and anti-American?
robp - of cuorse u can! you can choase bofth! this one lets udo taht.
So it does. Who are all those thatcherites? Out with it you fuckers!
You could have saved space for an extra category by simply lumping Stalinist and Thatcherite together under the banner of "Evil-tyrant-that-screwed-their-own-country-ist".

In fact you could possibly get New Labour under that as well...
You have just alienated 99% of the population by ommitting "cunts" from your list.
you forgat "i donnt knouw" We uset to hav a palitical pardy for thiador rosavelt ore sumbuddy liek him, bat teh know-et-als shode up and ruwined evrytheng.
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