December 13, 2005


im nod dead im just rely busy. ive got a real threealarm kneslaper abuot combinatorics in mnid but i lidterly (as in 'nonfigurativly'. i mean literely ltiaraly) dont have teh time to wriate it. biled 14.5 huors today.

ive let u all down. damit.

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A man's got to get his priorities straight. You don't *need* the job, you can always get welfare benefits.
We need you, Arlington. The clowns are beginning to stir. The imprisoned jangling their shackles, and the sleepers awakening. The wild ones are starting down from their mountain lairs. Those before bitten are feeling the funny juices begin to course through their veins. Circuses and carnivals have mysteriously sprung up all over the country. The FBI seem to have switched allegiance and the White House is full of clowns. They're going to go on the rampage. They'll kill us all.
HaHarmaggedon awaits and our hero sits fiddling at his console.
Save us all, please!
If you're going around aping knesls, it's no wonder your threes are alarmed. Pull yourself together.
I think going through 14.5 huors would take the ginger out of anyone.
And you make THEM pay YOU??? How does that work?
Muslims get 14.5 huors if they die on the battlefield. I can't stop. Help me.
You Infidel! A Fatwa has been placed on your head, read your Koran and be afraid, be very afraid!

huors, indeed!
Fatwas are just the thing for these cold mornings. If you're handing them out, can I have a red one?
A Flaming Fatwa sounds like a great name for a cocktail.
Are you working on a new Characteristica Universalis, to help you get around in Boston? Why don't you just try American English, with an Irish accent? Should do the trick better than Dalgarno's elucubrations.

After a hard day's work, some people like to light up a fatwa and chill.
Was that worked those hours or just billed them?
Somebody's been spending too much time around lawyers.
Are you pacing back and forth from Arlington all the way down to Hynes, with a stop fer a smoke in Copley?

What would be a thriller-cum-kneeslapper on the topic of combinatorics? Leibniz struggling to invent mathesis universalis only to be beaten at it by John Wilkins?

If you're into romance and combinatorics, I recommend Carnap's "Logical Foundations of Probability." It makes for very moving reading.

Arlington, you need to work out a way to bill the huors and still spend the majority of your time writing thrilling cum terrifying epics for us to read. We! Your loyal readers! Need you to entertain us!
The BBC reports Santas acting like clowns. You see what happens when you turn your back.
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