December 19, 2005

hte cntredictoins of latestage capetalism expoased!!1!

ok so i was like im gona buy a miter box so i can sawl thigns at teh angal of my choice instead more er less arbatraraly.

so i loked aroun teh web pricin em an had a hidoues awakaneng w/r/t what kindna venal an carupt sociaty we live in. lookit tihs thiing! it aint a box!

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So why is this an instance of Marxian contradiction rather than moronic impropriety of linguistic usage?

I hope this isn't to do with the 'saw the lady who doesn't appreciate men with glasses in half trick', is it now?
Is that a rhetorical question, Des?

DesArgues: Because you're a cunt.
Oh, dear, I'm terribly sorry. Wrong blog.
Plus,it's not a power tool. There is no job that can be done with a hand tool that cannot be done better with a power tool.

Besides, one can chop up bodies much easier using power tools.

Not that I do much of that, mind.
Noreen? Is that you, honey?

I thought a miter box was what they delivered a bishop's hat in.
Only if you've kept the pope sweet. Otherwise, he sends a guy with a beretta.
Here comes the old saw: You're still thinking inside the box, Arlington.
It's called a mitre box because it might be a box. This one clearly wasn't.
"miter? i hradly evan know 'er!"
d.a. - bcuase one of evan les funy than teh othar.

jpt - nope! its the 'saw teh laydee who dont like bolwalin shoes' trick.

dr e - of corse u dont! u wana disolave em in a powerful alkaline subsstence.

gialn - no its whare tehy sit at hte opara!

rrob - i thuoght they starated sourcin their hats form smith an weson after vatican ii? btw vatican iii was a total waste of 90 minutes. skip it. worsen rocky iv.

h.b. - bishipes clobar ech othar moare oftehn then ud think.
Just like the modern church not to support it's own country's industries. CofE's all chinese knock-off Kalashnikovs these days due to lack of funds. Dreadful.
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