December 20, 2005

o lucky man!

i jsut looked dwon at teh sidbra an saw tihs: .

oh god i love beign mme! i feel bad for all those of u — an im prety sure tahts most a ya — what arnt.

not tat u cant live a resonbly ful life anyways in many cases.

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Don't be too hard on yourself. Most of us don't want to feel like our father is also our grandfather anyway.
oh god i love beign mme!
Well, Madame Hynes it is then.

Sometimes, when I'm not feeling myself, I believe I may be your cat.
eb - [hevy brehthign] I AM UR FTHATHER AL BRUBODO!

jtp - oh stopt it u fresh htign!
It's a daily struggle, but with your insights, I'm just managing to eek out a life not being you. If you stop blogging, however, I'm sure I'll throw myself off of a bridge. No pressure, though.
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