December 27, 2005

gona have fun fnu unfn til lord melvile takes teh frrigate away

ok! i jsut spant four days hoaled up at my parands huouse redign haratio hornblowar novals an lisenign to the beach boys.

but thares a sort a nottical theame they're wiht bof of em an by the thrid day i strated mixin em up. it got rely weird.

but im defanately covinced taht 'surfin usa' oughta be our natoinel antham.


my neice got a elf hat for crismas!

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The Beach Boys! I fucking love the Beach Boys!

(Sorry, I just got really excited about this.)
Hornblower! Wonderful stuff - I read and re-read them in my youth, and it's like meeting an old friend to open one of the books today.

'Hornblower' is a word that sounds as if it has had the Bogol treatment already.
I met one of the beach boys once, near Santa Barbara. I had surfboard in hand and asked him the best place to surf. Oh for one of those cameraphones. It wasn't Brain Wilson or the one with the elf hat.
Hope your panders are well, and good luck digesting the bamboo.
Sure it was an elf and not a clown hat?
vuage - danm right!

bsytnader - there a bladst aint they? read em whan i was a kid but foergot it all ecxept for hte bit whare hes sstaindign over teh bay in ferrol in captivety in spain. evaryhtign i kmow about teh bridish i lerned form c s forastar! im glad to hear the b3rtish fuond out about themsleves taht way too.

tjp - in one hnad? dude ur studly. was it teh one who snag like joey romone?

hpil - quite wel htank u. i got dagestave eznymes likea termiate so babmoo goes donw prety good.

fout ater - donts say that! just dont! hjesas shes onyl thre yers old!
Have you seen the Hornblower series with Ioan Grufudd? He has a silly name AND the sailors look pretty cute in their tight little outfits.
There was a Beach Boy who sang like Joey Ramone? Which one?
They all did. Where do you think Joey got it from?
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