January 10, 2006


i wen't to buy gorcaries tonighght an on my way outa hte whoal fods markat i walked by this bolnd chick in the parkign lot. she was kina cute so i gave er teh eye u know an leared an flaped my eybrows. an wigaled my tonge a litle bit but in a tasful way. not anyhtign vulger. cause i culd tel she wantad me.

but so i hoped in my car an druv ovar to tradar joes two bolks away to get som moare grocarys an holy crap! im wlakin inta the store an i relize right in ftronta me is teh same broad! my god waht if she thoght i was folawin er? shed think i was a freak.

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Did you wiggle your tongue at her again? If you didn't, you're probably safe.
She would have been totally flattered if she knew you were Prominent Blogger Arlington Copley Hynes, Read Around The World. Everybody wants a tongue-waggling from that guy.
piare - of course i wigaled it at er agian. didn wanter to thikn i was unfrenly. shuld i a playd it sutbal an just gone wiht teh eybraus u think?

v - yep! 1.3 redars per tiame zone! tahts me!
Tell us which groceries she bought and we'll tell you whether she's a freak.
What is she was following you? Maybe she wanted to chainsaw you into small pieces and bury you under the floorboards or something.
You should have made it clear to her by tapping her on the shoulder and saying, "I am not following you, miss." Then you could have asked her if she liked sushi.
In my experience, the ladies tend not to think you're a freak until or unless you've followed them into several shops. Or their home. And made inappropriate physical contact. Where was your tongue when you wiggled it?
Do they have partial food markets where you live?
I thought you were on a train. That's what that nasty little imp M.D. said anyway.
There's a fine line between buying groceries and stalking.

Especially if you are stalking a grocer.
All this tongue-waggling is so vulgar, as I'm sure Dr. Haridon would agree. I suggest you always carry about your person a dog collar. When you meet an attractive woman giving you the eye, simply attach the collar around your neck and hand the lady the lead.
Always remember the "International Language of showing your tackle."

That'll get her attention next time.
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