January 26, 2006

kilor fcat!

Dear Arlington,

My Grain is unmanaged. What ever shall I do?


A Reader

fret not lil lady! theare is sucha thing as grain managmant sofware.

its true. now u can end teh haertbrake of unamanaged grane! bet u didn expec taht whan u got outab ed this mronign!

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Bless you Arlington. I'm up to my ears in the stuff.
I gotta popcorn popper. That count? Got no popcorn though.
Mister Hynes, please will you do the 7x7 thing my school asked me to tag you?
noreean taged me yestidy u snivvalin litl brat so piss off.
Beaten to the punch by the Canadians again. Dang.
jef - u gona take taht from them lyin dwon? eh? eh? cmon man lets u an tehm fight! yeah!
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