January 23, 2006

killlar fact!

mishima yukio (er viceversa) was a vary stragne man.

St. Sebastian? WTF?

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Yeah... killed himself with one of them very sharp Japanese swords, didn't he. Stuck it in his stomach and twisted it round a bit, like that.
Hhhmmmm..... a slight case of the pot calling the kettle black, methinks.
Does he have overdeveloped stomach muscles or has he just eaten a python?

'My Friend Hitler and Other Stories': there's nothing worse than rebels with causes. Did Adolf read Oscar Wilde as a child? My German ain't so good, but I don't think Mein Kampf is a confession of effeminacy.
A Japanese Saint Sebastion? Whatever next. See he took one in the armpit, now that's gotta hurt.
piare - one a his budies in teh sheld sociaty finished im of by dacapetatign im. which i htink is tarditoinel isn it? poor guy took a cuple tries.

britney mcshe - not surea i folla u they're. i htink i perty nromel.

jhtp - yep a pythan is teh customery last meal for saints.

dr m - yeh i bet teh armpat smarts. writigns a tuogh game.
I think is was the Yukio guy. "Versa" sounds Italian to me, and that guy looks Japanese.
Also, it could be he's the son of Jakob Tell, William's (blind) brother.
jef - hey i herda tath guy!
Yes, but I bet Yukio thinks he's pretty normal too. What the fuck is normal anyway?
bitny - nromal is 'a line or plane that is perpendicular to another line or plane' is waht teh fck noremal is. hapy?
its aslo abuot thrityeght miles form peorea.
I, for one, think he's a strange bird. WHem I'm casting about for candidates to tie to a tree and shoot with arrows, I seldom make the top ten on own my list.
dr. e - yep. tahths why hes famos an ur not.
I've tagged you ha. See my site for details
Noreen, your second for seppuku is waiting!
Don't be rude now!
Hang on, look at the bottom of that photo. Isn't that a hand creeping up his loincloth?
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