January 13, 2006

specel comersce ruondup! today only! whilale splulies last!

walace an gormit brand wensalydale chease.

fuond it at the integrel foud markat in cabridge. kidna retaded isn it?

not sure why it didn focuas right. refalectvity confused teh ragefnider mabey? or teh rangefinder was poitnign at teh secand cheese down. or cosmac rays! or sunspots! or teh cia did it with haarp! heck they gota lota newage magezines at the checkotu they're. so the grey space alians mighta doneit to. or else my aura intarfered or it was misderectad chi.


teh new yrok tims wont take ads for going out of buusness sales from just anybody!

Distress sales of any kind may not be used by those who sell oriental rugs.

via raymand.

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dam retarded

normal wensleydale is awesome enough, no need to brand the shite
I suggest you get some ecstasy tablets as W&G Wensleydale contains too much chi and not enough e's.

I'm thinking (sorry Noreen) someone at the NYT has read the Arabian Nights story 'Ali Baba and the section 11 thieves'
Cracking toast Gro...
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