January 12, 2006

dire deary

drear direy...

i etta ottachoake. its not my favert. asparegers are beter.

than i walked down teh hal at work wiht my eys crosed. tos ee what it wass like. an i figuare its best to be in peractice just in case.

truns out its nontrivial! so i bumped inta som peoplele an wacked myhead on teh wallbut roame wasn biult in a day wasit? nope. an u gota walk bafore u can drive.

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Artichokes only make your piss smell of piss, whereas asparagus makes it smell like an alien's piss. Much better.
Legend has it that Rome, Ga. was made in a day out of a giant peach that dropped from the sky.
I'm skeptical, however.
They have a clocktower there that is so famous it was in the background of a photo on Instapundit a few months back.

Where do anchovies fit in the artichoke-asparagus scale?
Is choaking the otta one of those euphemism thingies?
gaiall - no no its a vegabatle! its nto derty! i sswwear!

h.b. - right!

jtp - i tihnk anchavies are a tuber arnt they? teh redar can insert his owan joke abuot glen renalds.
i tihnk anchavies are a tuber arnt they?

I think euphemisms are a kind of tuba.
You never want to put anchovies in your euphemism though. You could choke.
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