January 18, 2006

ok! its cheap shots at teh brits week!

From: info@icons.org.uk
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Subject: Please confirm the nomination you submitted to icons.org.uk
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 22:40:28 +0000

Thanks so much for nominating 'Spanking' as an icon of England 
for the ICONS online collection. 

You are helping us to paint a portrait of England through all 
the things we cherish or think are important about life in England. 



The Icons Project Team.

stil cant find it in teh list a nomenatoins. humerles goons! theirs anothar one misign to. batwean 'buckingam palace' an 'buldog'.


anglicenisam aint waht it useta be.

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I don't think Budweiser is a symbol of England yet. Give it another five years.
glad ta hear it! its high time you poor guys got decant bear to drink.
I thought they already have Kate Moss for that one? Or was it Austin Powers? Oh! THAT type of icon. I see what you mean now. Sorry.
Oh gosh. Just had another look at the website. If they could consider punch and judy, surely Kate and Austin should be up there as well.
Fucking colonials.
Surely you do not mean Bukake? I thought that to be Japanese.
Buggery is hoddly a uniquely British thing, but I guess British public schools are among the best places to learn it.
Rum, sodomy, and the lash -- a trifecta!
Bloody, bloody fuckers. Ever tried eating American cheese?
For a moment....just a moment...I thought it said Balrog.
They won't accept foxhunting either, according to a newspaper.
Let's get one thing straight... this is for ENGLISH icons, not British. And I'm pretty sure I, a Scot, enjoy spanking, so it's not allowed.

I like the fact that someone nominated Chav's, though. But how about immigrants? England would be nowhere without them!
foteatar - u may not liek etign amerecen chease but just try calkign a bote wihtout it!

bystanddar - tahts obsceane. but i baliev it.

b mcshay - wel i htikn i saw chikcan tika marsala in they're smowhare.
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