January 16, 2006

hep me uot he're wilya?

i was talakin to a bertish dude at work an i kep calin im a racast cuase eh waned to get hamburgars for lunch insteda thai. he kept sayign 'its hoddly feh' but i cut im off cuase it didn make any sence.

so wtf does taht mean anyhow?

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"It's hotly fey," meaning it is arousingly full of the sense of impending death. Um, I think. You never know with these British, what with all their extraneous Us and all.
'Feh' is 'fare'. Fuck knows what 'hoddly' means, though.
Don't test us you swine. He was refering, and you knew this, to Hardly Fair. An annuual food festival in Hardly Oxfordshire, meaning that it was "hardly fair" to call him a racist over Tai food. Kosher: now that's a different kettle of submarines.
em brotish. he wa scaling yuo a racest two, so yuou where one spet ahead of hmi.
Maybe he didn't like your tie? It might have put him off his burger.
I can't help you. There's no telling what "hoddly" means. It's probably one of those made up words Brits use just to be difficult like spanner, biro, or lorry.
OMG! tards!
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