February 10, 2006

Woman Carrying Human Head Arrested

whata scandel!

Myrlene Severe ... was charged Friday with smuggling a human head into the U.S. without proper documentation.


[she] also was charged with failing to declare the head...

ok now im sory but waths with that? even levign aside the freetrade isues this is opan contemt for poeple who cary heads aruond is waht it is. an worse yet its a blow agianst indivulaty an selfreliance. she has concarns about evil sperits which for al we know may be prefecly legitemate. does she ask for a handuot? no. she takes dacisiv indpendant action! tahts what made amareca great in case u didn notice. an they thrower in teh pokey for it!

do we need some godamn burocrat in washingngten teling us how to deal with eval spirats? no we do not. let a thuosand sevard heads bloom! the market wil cheply an eficiantly find the best solution.

in a spirit out of a snence of solidarity i shuld start a onnline severd head campaign. show teh damn civel 'servents' whose boss aruond he're.


howda they know she wasn just plaignign to grow some basil eh? whatre they throwin u in jail for that now?


dr e siantast opines

It's all very well to arrest the poor lady, but let's face it, we don't do a very good job of supplying fresh human heads in the US.

hes rihgt. ive had teh same porblom.

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Why didn't she just get proper documentation? How hard can that be?
My mother always said it was hard to get ahead in life...
All very funny but...whose head?
I was once stuck behind a woman in line at the Greyhound bus station who was trying to ship the head of a Great Dane to Springfield Illinois. They were making a great to do over documentation too.
Surely she was only attempting to smuggle - or did they let her through and follow? Maybe she would lead them to the godfather of head-smuggling: il capo de capo de capo contrabanndo?
Perhaps her husband asked her for a little head.
'T wasn't the head, so much. 'T was the stink.
It's all very well to arrest the poor lady, but let's face it, we don't do a very good job of supplying fresh human heads in the US.

People are reluctant to supply them locally, while overseas there is always some maniacal dictator that's more than happy to let tourists take a few home to America.

This actually happened to me the last time I was in Minneapolis.

I asked the local dictator if I could have a few human heads off of his pile as a little momento of my trip to such a strange and foreign place.

"Sure!" He says. "Fill up your duffel bag! I can make more."

Nice man, that Garrison Kiellor; despite what Amnesty International says about him behind his back.
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