February 06, 2006


i was gonia wriate a storry abuot thease alians who avolved form asparagsas. there caled asparagoids! woooo! but it didn rely gel. anyhow. ovar to you brian!

in todays gient kiler robot news...

gient kiler robat hungars
for humen brains!
uk froran sercratry jack straw

taht robots modifyd form a ilastration by teh legandry sience fiction ilustrater frank kelly freas. which mosta his work was relly godawful actualy. but anyhow.

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Goddam! Sends shivers down me spine...
Perhaps Jack Straw is not a scary as was Sir Robin Cook, but still, I'd not want to run into Jack Straw in a dark alley.
Hold on! You liked John Gardner's Grendel?
piare - dont it just thuogh?

dr e - i htnikn ur being unfair. if he wantsa walz aruond town in the dead of night midning his own busnes an serchign for brains who are u to intarfere?

lou - yeh. whatofit?

poar arligntens hada acidant. SO MAY YOU ALL!
Not a serious accident I hope. Does your insurance cover? S'pose your brain and fingers kinda still intact?
Not quite sure you mean by 'so may you all', Arlington. If you mean 'it could happen to any of you' then thanks for the warning. If you mean 'I hope you all have an accident', then put 'em up.
So someone threw you down some stairs and made it look like an accident? You weren't pregnant, by any chance - maybe carrying a half-clowan? There are rumours there's a government agency that clears up mistakes like that. You didn't notice any red and yellow polka dot helicopters around just before it happened?
I've met Jack Straw. He is very short. His wife is larger and quite fierce.
What is the robot doing with the artist formerly known as Prince?
I don't run into many people who liked that book (I did). Plus you like O'Brien. How are you on P.G. Wodehouse?
pier - fignars in goos shape an thubls rarin to go! er. tahts teh las line in the book is all. but u knew taht?

fot ettar - wel grendal siad it rely not me. im prety sure hw was hopin teh reder wuld. but not certan.

jtp - whoaoh! i love teh polkadot helacoptarsd! mind if i steal taht one?

nor - see? see?!

gial - er. huh?

lou - howabout nc-17 wodehouse? har har harrhar! nevar red ethar one acttuly.
Sorry, I'm missing something. Who the fuck is Grendel? (Don't say 'the monster killed by Beowulf' because I'll get cross.)
footy - ur not misign anything.
Oh yes, I just read your previous post. Funny, that, because you'd tagged me from it and I never even read it properly before.

The book looks like a must-read. Gardner has come up with some spy novels so fucking awful they're essential.
I'm not crazy. That guy up by his thumb looks like Prince.
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