February 16, 2006

parking lesson leurned

we hada bilzard a few days back. when taht hapens evarybodddy shovals out a parking spot an marks it wiht a chair. wel i shoveld an shovalled an when i was done i had no chiar. so i turned for insporation to the natural realm! just whipped it out an startad markigng my teratory. but than a cop druv by.

'indecent exposare' my ass is al i got to say. solve a problem creativly an they slap u with a fine. facists.

i undarstan now that it was a revalutionery act.

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And all we get is a picture of CHAIRS?
I too, mark my parking spot in this manner. I drink enough beer before hand so that I have enough fluid to write out:

"This spot belongs to Dr. E Scientist, phD, so keep your filthy mitts OFF!"

I've never had a complaint from the police, but Gretchen is constantly complaining about how the garage smells of urine.

I attribute this to penis envy.
You indecently exposed your ass to pee out your name? What were you, squatting like a girl?

Also I echo Gail's disappointment at the chair picture.
And exactly how would your pee enable you to mark out your territory for the benefit of other motorists? Is it especially pungent? Is it a thick, day-glo slurry? C'mon Doc, we need details, DETAILS!
After rereading the article and noting the significance of teh chairs, it is obvious that Arlington marked his spot with "number two".

I salute his innovative spirit, stamina and, erm, penmanship, from a spot safely upwind of his auto.

Did you, at the very least, practice your penmanship while you had your thumb and index finger afixed to the nipper? By the way, as I think of it, 'twas kind of cold to be pullin' the sucker out. A radical form of self abuse, to my estimation. Can't afford to sustain a major chap on the head of the thing. Get my drift? (pun intended!)
The cop was probably just envious, Arlington.

I'd make a joke about hard helmets but your police don't wear them so it wouldn't work.
Economists study people claiming their spots like that. With the chairs I mean. Arlington's method hopefully isn't common enough for a proper study.
gian an vaggue - tahts harasmant! ur making my wrok place thretnign! aaaak!

dr e - aftar u wen't to al teh work getin all the snow in the're youd think shed aprecate it.

lmp86 - ur supaosed to lean out teh winda an smell as u go along.

foty - best to leave taht joke out anyhow i thnk.

sean - hey cool artacle! bit of a bumar thuogh he dosn adres what seems to me to be teh core of it. which is ur adign value by shovalign. ive livd in naborhouds wwhere spacemarking wasn done (in bosten its actuly qasi-ilegal now [insert standrad poeples rapublic joek here]) an theres no incentave to realy get a space clear. so youl end up with all the spopts beign minor mountanranges of refrozan slush an poeoplw parked halfway in the street. some spots wuold nevar get cleard at all. teh 'tragedy of the comons' blah blah blah an all taht.

in my presant neibhorhood thers loadsa parkign so id be curiouus to see how itd pan out. but this wintar is a total bust snowwise.
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