February 13, 2006

todys nonegotiabble damand

whadda we want? time traval!

when do we wnat it? then!

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I pay no attention when my tody's make unconditional demands.
I bet you'll think of that demand in six months' time, Arlington, and return to yesterday to post it.
Damn... Footsie beat me to it!
Have you thought this through? Life would become very complicated. It's hard enough to keep up with the timeframes in Back to the Future 3. I'll be at the counter-demonstration.
Hell, no, I've got that wrong, haven't I? If Arlington came back from the future then he'd have no need to demand that time travel be invented.

Perhaps you should go ahead with your original comment, Binty, and I'll shut the fuck up.
hphm. thsi one was prety lame wasn it?

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