February 19, 2006


okay som chowdarhead coined teh word 'blargon' to mean 'blog jargon' (mosly mening 'rnadom wrods wiht 'blog' insertad somwhwewerre in em'. usuly somwhare u cant discus in micxed compny if u cach my drift).

wel heres my take on it. mosta tehes conages are hidious crap like 'blawgs' for law bolgs an 'blegging' for askign ur a-hole users for stuff. but 'blargon' is teh worst of em all. so if i catch u sayign 'blargon' or any a taht crap i will have to find u an kill yuo. no ofence but u gota take a firm line.

artacle he're (h/t volokh).


redar jaketeh egp shrwedly obasrves —

...to other people, when I say blog*****, they hear smurf*****, and take a step back from me.

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That's all very well, but what about people who run weblogs about either Sargon of Akkad or Sargon of Assyria? Presumably each of these weblogs would be a "bl***on" too, just as others might be a blammurabi, a blebuchadnezzar or a blennacherib.

I don't think you've taken sufficient account of the potential for cultural losses here.
im parapared to pardon 'blebuchadnezzar'. i am not made of stone.

the rest of em? sory but i just cant aford to play favrotes here.
When I catch myself about to unleash one of these words on an unsuspecting world I think of the smurfs, and how to other people, when I say blog*****, they hear smurf*****, and take a step back from me.
Good thing you're not a 19th century Russian writer or this would be called Gogolbogol.
My first thought was that blargon sounded like some nonsense alien planet. 30 seconds with Google and sure enough, Blargon 7 was a nonsense alien planet mentioned in some "Friends" episode.

After reading that Article I've decided Teli Adlam should be horsewhipped for wrestling "blog" into "blogossary". The jackass.
The one I hate is 'blogosphere'. Just reading it now is making me so FUCKING angry.
People that come up with this sort of new terminology are simply blooger picking morons.
njtp - dude. smruf. god taht is so true.

f.e. - id talk a lota crap to moare improtently.

seanh - 'blogossary'? w... t... f?! tar an fethar im.

lmp86 - the scery thingn is im getign useta that one.

dr e - blorons dontu mean? muuaahahahahaaa!
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