December 26, 2007


anhothar fuckign crismas outa teh way. but i stil g0t thirtyodd moare of em to sufer through bafiore im dead so its not liek im outta teh woods yet.

think im' gona get a jiob listanign to nmick cave an goign aruound walking up to staragners on teh street an breakign their jaws.


teh rotan bastaerds! my caryon was goign trough teh machinne an they got al concernd an whatnot an asked if they could louk throhugh it so i was like 'yeh whatevar' thingkign my zippo — vetran of cuountles flights — had finly met its end. or mabye theyd noticed teh m203. but noape! turnss uout they wer aftar... my toofthpast!


none a ther damn busnes if C4 makse my theeth whiter.

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Channel Four never did anything much for my teeth.
uir not doin it rightht! u gota chhew on teh wiare taht coms outa tehb ack fo the tv. thatl straten ur teth out trust me!
I doubt if even that would work if Channel Four was on. I'm sure only the BBC has enough isobars in its signal to zap that plaque once and for good and all.
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