February 25, 2008

klilar facat!

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Arthur "Bomber" Harris was the First Baronet of Chipping Wycombe, otherwise known as High Wycombe, birthplace of Harry "Bomber" Hutton, who grew to his present imposing stature under the kind Marshal's watchful eye. By chance those are the only two Britons whose names I can think of offhand. And Nick Cave.

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"Imposing stature", my fat aunt. What sycophancy. I have it on reliable authority that Hutton's entire miserable corpus wouldn't fill out half of Bomber Harris' moustache - a moustache which was the delight and terror of ladies from Baghdad to Kathmandu. Hutton's claim to have originated in High Wycombe should also be treated with the gravest skepticism. Personally, I'd as soon trust Oliver Cromwell for a wart-charmer.
duno. hortons davelopolign a mustacnsche of is owan in secrat i he're. some kidnd a pratnarshiop with teh rusians. al veery husuhhush.
I played baronet in elementary school. That's a wood instrument, innit?
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