April 08, 2008

wrrentch news!1!

alota poepole thsink teh inertnet isa borign placce fula notghin but pichars a nakid grils an yetis an wahtnot an folks who thikn teh moon dosn rely exist but thres some pretyt cool stuff uot the're if u just look!

musuanm of teh ajustdsable spanar!



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There is nothing wrong with pitchers of naked grills, as long as they are accompanied by a safety warning. If the grill is switched on and the pitcher contains water, there could be a nasty accident. I agree that adjustable wenches are more interesting, however.
Your orthography strikes a newcomer to your blog as a trifle unusual. But after a while I decided that you are merely giving a phonetic transcription of a Maine accent. Is that right?

More wrenches please. And wenches.
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