July 01, 2009

bleh stuff wahtevar

so evary time my grilfrned an i go to a indidinan restrant she gets mango lhassi an i allways put my eear upto it an say "wait! i thnink... lhassi... is tryigng to tel us somthign!"

so howmany times am i gona haveta tell taht joake bafeore she starrts thinkknign its funy? or atleast befaore she stops tryingna pin my hnose to the table with er fork?

oh but an also! i thougth of teh prefect advertisign slogan for teh lamb industry!M

lamb — you can taste the innocence!

did i mentoin my giflrifirnds a vegeatrerian? an quicck with a fork too.

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That lassie of yours is telling you: "Man, go - far away."

OK, so this is feeble. But it makes your joke look good.
not thhhat good.
Women just don't get jokes the first few times you tell 'em. Don't be put off, you're funny, you just have to keep plugging away. Why, I bet if you tell that joke a couple hundred more times, she'll start to see the funny side!
orrb! shes stil rasisitign! alslso she saiid ur a virginian! not suuare waht thats abuout.
Hmmmm, Virgina. Nope, never been there. You sure you were listening when she was talking?
lissen toer? why wuould i strart now?
That slogan for lamb is first-class. A few weeks of ads and the whole industry would be finished.

Your girlfriend could reward you in the traditional way.
bystabner - myabe wher ur form itd finihs teh indastry. he're in gods cuou8ntry itd sell lamb like beer on a trooptrain. er at a balgame. whatever.
Might I suggest you take her to a Korean restaurant and try the meatballs there? They really are the dog's bollocks.
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