April 05, 2009

hlelp atlast!

its hirign time agian lads! ok!

whan ravewigin resumes u like me probly have offan seen em sayin they balogn to a ordar of chifilry an wondard if it was a reel one ornot. cause there not al as obvosly credable as forexamplle the Soverign Militery Ordar of opf Nebraska State. so u neeed a handy refrance to sort out teh weehat form teh chaf!

lucky for us thers hlep at hand! teh intarnahstional comsision for aordars of chivvlery is online! so nex time soem clowan witfh five er six names trundles up with some cockamamie storiy abuot malta u can clap a stopar on is antics toot soot.

go cornhuskars! yeah!

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Good Lord, if they're not in Debrett's, why would one let them through the door in the first place? Trusting to some organisation whose Raison d'ĂȘtre is to support the fabulations of dagos and colonials will only end in trouble, you mark my words...
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