January 01, 2009

oh crrap

teh ganu is hte sam aminmal as the wiladabeast.

wel if thats teh case then fuck 'em.

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I made the same discovery a few weeks ago. It ruined my day entirely.
Have other species also merged rather than disappeared? I mean, banks do it.
I don't quite see how the fact in the first line connects with the advice in the second.
aorn - dude i feal ur pane!

igknspost - not suure but i thikn teh moose an hte elks may be up so somthign kikny.

phplip - its not advice. its a ordar. so get to it!
Yes, but is this a relationship between equally empowered adults, or is the elk in it just to get a green card?

In any case, please ensure that the Acadia zoo is supplied with the result.
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