October 24, 2008

Killer Fact!

The Department of the Interior has determined that you are not endangered.

Furthermore, if Homo sapiens, or a population thereof, were listed as endangered ... Alaskan natives would be entitled to kill them, sell the edible portions within their villages, and to convert them into "authentic native articles of handicrafts and clothing." 16 U.S.C. [section] 1539 (e).


Sorry, we don't do politics here.


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Update? WTF? I was on-topic and then you change the topic. Referee! Gadzillions of penalty points. I mean, really, lots.
I mean, I don't want any partisan stuff. It gets hostile real quick, which I find unentertaining, and I don't want to go there.
I do actually apologize, like sincerely, for deleting the comment.
Perhaps you should apologise, like, actually and sincerely, like, for turning the spellchecker off yet again.
Foot Eater raises a point: is "like sincerely" the same as "sincerely"? Is "like" quite like "quite"? Or does it depend on the vowel shift?

Anyway, I accept your apology, even though I don't quite, like, trust its spelling, but shall save up my comment and reserve the right to re-use it when you have a post on, oh, I don't know, Albanian fashion disasters. Or anything else.
"...I don't want any partisan stuff..."

What about halberds then?
I want a human skin jacket made entirely out of boobs.
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