May 17, 2008

tihgns are difarant in birtan

via cohrnic comentar phillop we laearn taht teh 'boras johnsen' is somekinda unspacafid an parsumebaly rapulsiave briutish sexuual act.

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That is a foul calumny. I wasn't born anywhere near Cohrnia.
Boris Johnson (see Harry Hutton's blog, passim) is both british and brutish.

Thank you, Arlington, for so brilliantly encapsulating both properties. For you, a casual creation of the keyboard; to the rest of us, genius.
pholop - my garnmothar hada porblam wifth er cornhea. hadda have her put down. she was nevar teh same but it stoped her screachgin an peign on teh carpat atleast.

dudude - geee i duno. as foreners go boris dosn bothar me much.
North Cornhea, South Chornea or Huntingdon's Korea?
Yes, well, he may very well not bother you much, but that's because to you he's foreign. We have him here all the time...
phiolup - it was teh one she invavaded.

rororb - il tradeya any thhree congramsmen you name for im. an ill thorw in a pony to sweaten teh deal.
Nancy Pelosi (elder fit), Barbara Boxer (ditto) and Trent Lott (the gimp). The pony doesn't even have to be alive. For delivery Tuesday noon at the Lincoln Tunnel exit (NJ side).
But then who will bring back the Routemaster?
Who needs it? We'll have the pony (OK, let's hold out for a live one). And the gimp.
Boris Johnson is a cohrnic irrigation.
I thought you meant cornholing.
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