May 10, 2008

thigns not to say to ur griflfiend!!

"if i wereked teh car u we're parylazyed? dude id totaly do teh rirght thign by yuo an finisish u off."

not althagethar suu're waht i saiad worng but my avise is dont cal er 'dude'.


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So many women do not appreciate when you are trying to be kind, and take things amiss.
Only the other day my beloved took a dress from a rail, and I told her that it would never fit her. Frosty came the response.
always found that being totally honest in your replies stops them from asking you clothing-related questions.
hoap u guys arnt wndrign why ur not tgetin any bjs.
Here we see the full dilemma of the Hynesian typological orthoclasty. Is "bjs" a typo for bis, a misplaced and non-capitalised BHS, an erroneous JBs or something to do with Boris Johnson? Whichever of these hypotheses most closely approximates the truth (and they are, of course, not mutually exclusive), any explanation would almost certainly not be worth the effort. Yet still we wonder.
Do you mean finish her off sexually? That was what that film Crash was all about, wasn't it?
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