April 15, 2008


so i was axplainign dtaht evary time i make apsaragrus sombododye nds up in teh hospatal. thers alwaysys vioalance.

apspargarus — teh demon weead taht driaves men mad!!1!1


Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

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You need to wrap the asparagus in prosciutto. The meat will contain the evil.
Better still, make several sparagi and let them kill each other.
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Yes. I'm afraid he did. He also made the funny smell you get when you go to the bathroom half an hour after eating asperges. (The French spell better than you do, sir).
cihrs28v - cool! my grilfernd sais in itely prosciousto is considard a vegatable for vegatarean pruposes.

phlip - nooo! theyl gagng up on me!

bstandndnar - he did eh? wasstign his time at work no duobt. mustbe ina unoin.

the fernch arnt al bad! i knew a farnch guy onsc an evarybody else complans abuout my drivign but he said it ggave him a nice warm fuzy homelike feelign. onday he excisitedly told me hed goane on a 'wall watch'.
Plums don't taste like asparagus.
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