September 11, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Update

ok thy truned it on an teh uniavarse stil excists. anothar grand promase of technoloogy unfulfliled.

i arready wroate em an asked for a refnund. sugest you do teh same.

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Yes, but it's not the same universe.
It's all right for you Yanks - you are miles away from the thing.

If they do create a black hole, my country will slowly and surely be drawn towards the Swiss/French frontier, before disappearing.

Where there is trouble, you will find a Frenchman.
Large hardon collider? That'll sting.
So now the LHC has blown itself up real good. Bad news for physics, and is it also bad news for Wall St? Could the 2 tons of helium thus blasted into the stratosphere have been used to bail out Lehman and the others? Arlington, please advise.
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