June 06, 2008


Moose-crash victims escape serious injury.

Maine sees more moose crashes in June than in any other month. ...

In 2007, five people died in Maine as a result of moose collisions.

them tghigns make casowaryds look perty tame.


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What are mooses doing driving cars, anyway?
We don't hear how it was for the mooses. Do they just shrug their antlers and say "Gee, sorry, but he shouldn't have been in the way"? Or what?
fotetar - getin ther r avenage thats what! good to seee u agiuan.

dedu - teh mosooses isnt usuly aviiuable for comenant aftarwwreds waht with beign dead an all.
mosse are as hairy horton wuould say STOOPID. theire motivs wuould seam to be quixotic.
Quixotic motifs - the black, apocalyptic melody of Wagnerian windmill-tilting? I'm surprised at you, Arlington. Surely at least one corner of the blogosphere can rise above this sort of blatant stereotypical capreolinophobic anti-alcesism.
Well, if mooses are being called upon to make sacrifices like this there should be greater public acknowledgment of the fact. Perhaps this blog might lead the way?
phopol - yeh maabye so but damed if taht cornars gona be mine!

dude, nobodys calgin on em. nobooby i know anyhow. christ mabye there calin on eachothar.
I fear this is the only place where the geometry of the blogosphere is sufficiently fractured for corners to occur at all. You're stuck with 'em.
O. Mmmm.

Them morses usauly comnunicrate usin morse coad.

PS morse meet goes beter with asparrowgrass than lam.
hpilop - 10 pnoit peneltly for syayin 'bologospear'! \bzzz!!

jefe - wel if u wer stuck in mane an we're to dmub to avod getin run ovar by cops youd be tlaklin kinda morose urslelf.
Oh Ho Ho--

Tinklin Mouse Ur-shelf:

inst tat som ould ice in auntartyctca?
I've never said bologospear in my life. I only have one tongue, and I do not intend to waste it.
The Blogger software flags "mooses" as an error. Is a moose like a sheep, in that its singular is also its plural? Surely this is the right blog for delicate points like this; Arlington's view would be particularly piquant.
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