August 29, 2008

dept of wastad efort

oh gee:

Two self-anointed "grammar vigilantes" who toured the nation removing typos from public signs have been banned from national parks after vandalizing a historic marker at the Grand Canyon.

wahta cuopla retarads! i feixed taht sgin arleredy.

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What a bunch of asses, thinking they could one-up you! Personally, I think the Parks Service should hire you to fix all their signs. Imagine all of the hikers who would be saved by having you correct the signs!
I am just annoyed at these douches giving grammarians a bad name. I mean, OTHERWISE everyone would be CLAMORING to befriend grammarians, a much beloved and envied people. Right?
Their orthographism is disgraceful. When will our schools stamp it out?.
"clamouring", I think you mean...
somicirhhs - i knoow! i ofard to chagngne em al to say 'hoally crap!!1!' or 'eeek bares!!' an wahtnot. but thy nevar caled back.

voageu - um. rightt!

dudu - i thnink ther on it alredy.

orob - i thkn she ment 'clammerign'. wich is gibarish but i try not to be cririticiial.
An "Eeek bares!!" sign would make me worry about crossing paths with bears or nudists. Either way, I'd be wary.
I went to a wine-bottling factory once and saw a sign for staff that read 'cork soakers'. Hate to see what Arlington would've rewritten that as.
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