October 10, 2008

kliilr ffacft

branacls ar arathrapods. i was liek 'no fuckin way!1!1 theyir totly mulascsc!'

but its trrue.

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Now my whole paradigm has shifted.
Next you'll say Barnacle Bill isn't a sailor.
Does this make them kosher?
Only if they're barnacles of the winged, swarming variety.

All other living creatures are treyf, as well. This category includes all things that creep and crawl, such as reptiles, amphibians, rodents, Great Auks, arthropods that are not winged swarming things, platypuses, shellfish, dragons - and everything else you smartasses can think of. If it ain't in the short list above, it ain't kosher.
Thank heaven. My wife's people's cooking does not need to give its enemies further ammunition.
Well, according to H. P. Lovecraft:

Ia! Ghythlen maggathuroth! Chthulhu ftagn nig-shibbureth!

I think Chthulhu's opinion can safely be taken as the last word on the whole barnacle-arthropod argument, don't you?
I like to think of barnacles as the ocean's diamonds.
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