September 22, 2009

Killer Fact!

Jaguars have been known to eat avocados.

I once met a house cat in Berkeley, CA who had a habit of breaking into a neighbor's hous to eat their avocados. He also showed a keen interest in babies' fontanelles.

A word to the wise, my friends. Forewarned is forearmed.

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Fontanelles are scary, dude. Once when she was sick around age 0, S's kind of sank inward and was pulsing like an alien.
Also! I found a group of funny guys who seem to have set up a blog similar to yours! Here's a writing sample:

The interest rate on loans under the Secured Facility that are denominated in U.S. dollars is, at the option of Precision, either a margin over an adjusted United States base rate (the “ABR rate”) or a margin over a Eurodollar rate. The interest rate on loans denominated in Canadian dollars is, at the option of Precision, a margin over the Canadian prime rate or a margin over the bankers’ acceptance rate. Certain of the margins on the Revolving Credit Facility are subject to reduction based upon a leverage test and these margins range from 3% to 4% for Eurodollar and bankers acceptance loans and 2% to 3% for ABR and Canadian prime rate loans based on leverage ratios ranging from greater than 1.5:1 to 1:1. Under the terms of the Secured Facility Precision is required to enter into interest rate contracts if necessary, on or before June 23, 2009, to ensure that at least 50% of the aggregate amounts borrowed under the Secured and Unsecured Facilities are subject to fixed interest rates.
"Canadian dollars"? Whose leg are they trying to pull here?!

I suggest you send S. to pull their brains out through the top of their heads.
Avocado comes from the Nahuatl "ahuacatl", meaning testicle.

So they are not kosher.
I ordered an avocado chicken salad for lunch today. A person I was with ordered the same thing. Well, the bastards forgot the avocado. When they finally brought it out, the other person's was on a nice plate with a leaf of lettuce and avocado slices laid out. Mine came in a little metal bucket mashed up with a spoon. What the hell?

I bet a jaguar wouldn't have put up with that.
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