August 20, 2009

Killer Fact: The Two Zombies

At my age I've got no excuse for setting foot anywhere near a hardcore band even if I wanted to, but the other night it happened anyhow. You sort of grin and bear it.

But I learned something! It turns out that the mind of every hardcore singer is composed of two distinct personalities: The Epileptic Zombie and the Constipated Zombie. At any given moment on stage, it's eerily apparent which one is in control.


Also, a bizarre and richly-deserved assault on the Rolling Stones, via Mick Hartley.

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You are curiously in touch with modern science.

Well, Canadian science.
Yeah, I was just thinking that zombies have hit media saturation. They're over. It's time move on. If their fifteen minutes were any more over, they'd be featured in Wired.

That would be when they'd invade Canada, wouldn't it?
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