June 16, 2010


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This is pretty much verbatim Malaise-Era British telly'
u mean youve had a non-malaise 0era?!
Good point.
I've just found your bogol, a logob and being from the UK mistook you for an escaped flowerpot man from the 1950s BBC children's show Bill and Ben, whose speech is described on Wikipedia thus:

"The Flower Pot Men spoke their own, highly inflected version of English, called Oddle Poddle. However, the popular notion that they ever said "Flobbalob" or "Flobbadob" is an urban myth; if one listened carefully to their banter, one could hear words like "Loblob" ("lovely") and "Flobberpop" ("flowerpot"), either of which could have given rise to the urban myth. At the end of each adventure, they would say bye-bye to each other and to the Little Weed - "Babap ickle Weed" - to which the Weed would inevitably reply with tremulous cadence "Weeeeeeeeeeed". This language, like that of the Teletubbies in the 1990s, was invented by Peter Hawkins and was criticised for hindering children from learning proper English."

Coincidence? I think not. My theory that you all ran out of the back of the TV set when the show ended is confirmed (how did you get to the States, though?).
howdy ano thnanks for dorpign in!

waht hapand was they sold us toa glue factry actuly but we eascaped. my coleugue discguisded his voice an made some records.
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