January 14, 2010

Schiele Take a Bow

Fake Twitter feed for Nick Cave:

  1. I'm sorry that your coffee's bitter, I'm sorry I've forgotten how to Twitter; it's just that I think my heart and soul are kind of famished.
  2. Refreshing Susie's Facebook profile and sighing. "It's Complicated" -- what can that mean?
  3. Hired a bartender at Murder Salads. Sipping his first creation, a Tamarind Limoncello Jefferson, and grimacing inwardly.
  4. Figured out why L Cohen blocked me when I tried to bond with him over his Lovecraftian gchat status. Turns out "Sukkot" isn't what I thought
  5. Hidden in the attic, eating crisps and complaining to Tracy Pew via Ouija board.
  6. Trying to leave Blixa a voicemail for the past 37 minutes. Still listening to his greeting.
  7. Rifling through the botanical edition of the Poet's Rhyming Dictionary. I knew I shouldn't have ended that last line with "amanuensis."

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Egon Schiele? Whaffor?
This one, which this.
ood u souldh poast prisencolinensinenciusol ist noth only a graet toune but kind a fit's you're "theam" here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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