December 23, 2009

techanolgy newws!

so teh hot c ristmasn itam tahhis yheer is teh yapper stopper dog collar! its a gret lital gaget. it booasts 'Seven intensity levels for a wide variety of dispositions' an 'Surgical stainless steel contact points to minimize irritation to the dog's skin'.

teh heaart of the unit is a capacitor teh size of a pintglass form a old fender bass amp. for a slplit secand itll blast ur baloaved animal caompanion with 3200 volts! at the highast powar setign under idael conditiio0nts a mediamsize dog wil literaly burst inta flame! evan hte largast dogs wil be stone dead bafore they hit teh grouound.

so my queestoin to u is not can yuo aford to owan one a these beauties but rathar can you affrod not to? i leave hte answasr to that one up to ur conciscieances ladiesangentlamenan cashonloy pleasethankyou!


ps if antyhign gos wrorogn pls contact my atornys ziegfeld ziegfeld ziegfeld ziegfeld ziegfeld ziegfeld ziegfeld bunghole an ziegfeld thxn!

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Can I use this on toddlers?
yep if hte catal prods not cutin the mustrard go for it!
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