November 11, 2009


justst atenadad a pissup ikna berwery! it wen't wel.

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Do you have beer in North-East America?
Yes, well, anybody can attend one. It's the organising part that's difficult. Believe me, I speak as one who has tried.
bsytnander - wel more er less. thoase guys beer isnt nothign much if u ask me. but actuly teh berwmastster the're is brutish. he lernd his trade at teh knee of a famos ale boare of some kind.

phil - waht i was sayign m,y dear boy was taht it mustof bean orgenixedd ok if it we'nt well.
Esteemed Sir,
Next time that you deign to visit Her Majesty's ancient isle, I promise to fix a piss-up in the local brewery that lies not a quarter-mile from my home.
bysnsadner dude thnnanks! i may atake u up on taht! engngnlanends teh one rigight buy teh congo isn it?
or isat caneda?
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