February 15, 2007

Malt Does More than Milton Can

damit somebody dieys an it taks me threee momfnths to thigikn of anythign tyo sdya aobut5 it.


soma my reddars hasve gotan morton freidman who diyed conafused with teh econamist morgem freemand who wasin all teh movys. but hes difrant i thikn.

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Dead? Pity.
I thought he was great in The Shawshank Redemption.

It's not the same guy as the doddering Milton in Office Space, is it?

But shouldn't you first say something witty about the demise of J. Maynard Keynes? Or at least Thorsten Veblen, if you only care about Americans.
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Here you go:

Ha ha ha, I think Im starting to 'get' your 'unique' writing style! Very interesting, but one questian. Whore you making fun of?

By the weigh don't cell you're self short, it did'nt take you any three mouthfuls to make your point about substince abuse. Weather in the form of Malt (ie. beer) or 'Miltown' (pills), the hazzards are the same.
Oh yeah nominous dude I saw the Shawshank movie and I am the biggest Milton Friedman fan he is a great actor especially good at playing black characters very convincingly. I especially loved him in Lucky Number Slevin, he showed that Gandhi guy a thing or two, well I guess they both got into some hot water but I thought he was great so sorry to hear that he passed away.
Friedman isn't really dead, dude. Stop misleading your readership. He's quite alive and well. I talked to him a few weeks ago, and he has no intention of kicking the bucket any time soon.

But I notice a rather worrisome symptom in your comments section. Software Dude is, I believe, the second commenter (so far) to slide into the near-aphasic idiolect you've been practicing so successfully. I don't suppose it's on account on its attractive virtues; to any sane person, it's repulsively cumbersome when it's not bizarre. Yet it somehow ensnares increasing masses with its inexplicable appeal. That rather reminds me of an ominous warning I read some time ago:

Already the schools have been invaded by the (conjectural) "primitive language" of Tlön; already the teaching of its harmonious history (filled with moving episodes) has wiped out the one which governed in my childhood; already a fictitious past occupies in our memories the place of another, a past of which we know nothing with certainty - not even that it is false. [...]

Then English and French and mere Spanish will disappear from the globe. The world will be Tlön. I pay no attention to all this and go on revising, in the still days at the Adrogue hotel, an uncertain Quevedian translation (which I do not intend to publish) of Browne's Urn Burial.

J.L. Borges, Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
Desagues very intresting idea and quote accept one thing can you anselm me a question. Okay? Its this I can't undersand a wored your saying?
duude dusergos dude nevar mniind taht nonsanse lisstan i was digin my car out a the snow an a fouound a glemignm metel cone! it was totly cool but i cuouldn pickit up.
Well, you of all the people ought to know where that shiny little tingy came from, Arlington. Aren't you in cahoots with the folks that made it?

But maybe you are, after all, a radical on the fringes of the society of control, and you do your best to undermine it -- by subverting its languistic prejudices and unreflective habits. You wouldn't be the first to think so.

S-Dude: I can't anselm your question, but maybe this guy can. They say he used to answer infidel libruls quite effectively.
Dam. Saint Anselm? What? May be some thing is rong with my spelt check again I ca'nt wait tell they re lease a new virgin.
As S. Maturin remarked,

"Beer, a respectable ship's beer, is the most virtuous hypnotic known to man."

It is not without a certain complacency that I note S. Maturin's seeming lack of acquaintance with Milton.
So it took three months for the news to reach Brittan. Sort of like the end of the War of 1812, only in reverse.
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