February 06, 2007

klier ftac!

its welnknown that napapoileonic husars prefected a methad of opanign chambbpagne botals with a saber. but waht u may nto relize it that it was nevar patantted! fortunes we're made an the poor hussers nevr saw a damn dime.

u can make ur owwn joke abuot teh darign expoiloits of the frenchch miilitery in the comonts.

hatip project watanabe for getin me thingkging abuout teh husar issue. if ur curoius abuout wtf teh point is hes the guy to read.

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I've patented it now.
As an Englishman who likes and admires the French I would like to cut them a bit of slack over the war thing. We Brits have a 22 mile bit of nasty sea between us and the continentals - France just has fields. In 1940 as the Brits were pushed across the Channel by the Germans the rearguards were French, and precious little thanks did we ever give them.
And their food is really good.
Precious little thanks aside from putting up with de Gaulle for five years and then liberating the poor snail-snappers. Or helping, at least. Though you did blow up half their trains beforehand...

No, the French are okay. That was just a target of opportunity. I worked with a French guy years ago in Boston who was telling me about going on a "wall watch", and I was starting to think maybe French joie de vivre was a bit overrated, until he mentioned the boat. Nice guy. He said my driving reminded him of home. Got kinda choked up about it.
I suddenly realized, I finally went through the mental rewiring that other bogol fans have mentioned, rewiring that makes your spelling look normal. I just realized, I read your gibberish without noticing anything is wrong. Very strange.
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