January 12, 2007

streat sene

wel ok so im in protlend maine now an i saw a acident. in a fit off youthfful highgh spirets this one von closwitz of teh roadways rammed anothar. who with amdirable aploomb racovverd his dignity by ranmign a third. BANG-BANG pudle of antafreze etc. so al tharee of thease prognathous grobians promply disgorged an comendced with teh wordlas belowign an roarign. then they startied in hurlign bolders at each oathar twohanded.

heluva show! tehy oughta make moveis like taht. but waht did it all mean?

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So who won?
You sound so unhappy there in Portland,3H. Take my advice. Drive north to Lewiston, my hometown and Maine's second largest "city". A few hours taking in the local color and mingling with the natives and, on your return, Portland will seem like Paris.
Ah, Portland, the Paris of Casco Bay!
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Upon my commute home, a few days ago, I noted a pair of lights, in the rear-view miror, racing down the hill behind me. As I passed the traffic lights, they started to change....
And just kept coming, toward and thought the junction, past the red light. My attention forward again, traffic slowing as a truck was pulling out of a gateway ahead.
I heard a brief screech, and felt a faint shudder through my vehicle. Upon disembarking, and strolling to the rear, I discerned a shiny Porsche Carrera rammed beneath my tow hitch. Passers by were chuckling, one had filmed the impact upon a tiny device he claimed was a telepnone.
Oh dear. When you pay $94,000 for a car you'd surely expect it not to be quite so flimsy. And the driver said he'd braked hard 'but it just wouldn't stop!' yeah. right. tyres the width of road rollers, vast brembo four pot brake calipers and discs big enough for a ralway locomotive. Capable of stopping it from 193 mph? and it just wouldn't stop from the zoned speed limit of 30? hm.
Well the damage was quite disfiguring, panels creased and crompled, bits of lights scattered all over the road.
I think he might have chipped the paint on my tow hitch. -or at least, rubbed off some of the rust.
At times like this, I love my old Land-Rover.
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