December 21, 2006

kilour fccat!1!

thers some deeeply weeeeird people out the'ir.

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If by deeply weird, you mean madly talented, wildly handsome in an exotic Ukrainian sort of way, and just plain kick-ass cool, well, okay then. His moustache makes me go all school-girl crazy. Um. Yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Who doesn't love Gypsy Punk?

Good to see you again, Ha. I haven't visited your blog in a while and I see you are fighting the good fight against the Body Nazis. And I got a Kilour Fccat! Hooray me!
Should I be more weirded out by the video, or by the fact that someone thought it "rock[ed] in a most proximate way"???

I did enjoy the lyrics, though. The dude has, after all, "know me since I was a 20."
You had to see the movie "Everything is Illuminated" to get the 'proximate way" joke. Irony. Sort of. Although I ought to have put "Premium way", probably.

But deeply weird? Yeah, I'll go with that...
As is your new-found commitment to the rules of spelling and grammer...Whodunnit, HA HA HA? whodunnit?

My money is on Dr. Harridan. In the basement. With the Oxford English Dictionary.
I was in Baltimore recently. Their local gridiron squad apparently dresses in purple loincloths. So this song has developed a certain popularity on Baltimore radio stations.
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