December 17, 2006


Those of you who have grown accustomed to me sitting here on my fat ass in Boston not posting anything are in for a startling change in your daily routine: From December 30, 2006, I will be sitting on my fat ass posting nothing in a suburb of Manchuria called Portland, Maine. The change in the tenor of this blog will be subtle, yet in a factitious sense quite profound. We urge you to remain calm during the difficult transition that lies ahead.

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Maine? MAINE? Isn't that the one with the motto that goes "Yes, we are too a state."?

Well, a change is as good as a rest.
No, the motto is "Maine: Bebe Buell Is from Here. That's B-U-E-L-L. Well, Okay, She's Not Real Real Famous. What? Oh Fine, Be Like That".

Actually it's quite a nice state. L. L. Bean is there! And there's a heck of a good Vietnamese restaurant in Portland. And I've been in Boston for ten years, which is longer than any rational person ought to be anywhere.
Portland, Maine: pshaw! You should move to Portland, Oregon; it is clearly the superior Portland. On the other hand, you will have snow and lobster, so there's that.
Oh, and Stephen King might be from there, or at least he writes about it all the time. Not that I would know anything about any Portland or about Stephen King either.
Portland Bill is superior to both.
What's with the new spelling? I can't read it at all.
Isn't that the place near Canada, where lots of places have English names?
hhb.. = omg i wachied that na i kep t5hignikgn it was gona turn funy or somthign. but it didnt. jesus kids are esily amused.

f.e. - sory speklhcke was borokan!!

bysnadar - yep! its whe're ogunquit an skowhegan are.
Portland, ME has a topless doughnut shop. I'd say that settles it.
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