October 29, 2006

a timley wranign!

not al is awlays as it apears! tihs nighntmareshly horrroble contast isnt as bad asit looks. waht their gona do is tahke the top10 runnersup an insteada givign em the prixze they we're promised there gonnna sell em inta slavary in somalia instead. an the top winner will be garoted an dumped in a quary.

its rely quitea decent an publicspireted thign the snixkckars croporation is doing here.

so bafore u8 judge be ssure u get all the facst. u maybe doisgn sombodiy a grave injsutice.

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Mere garrotting doesn't do their crimes full justice, if you ask me. True retribution demands that they be choked to death with enormous Snickers bars forced down their throats by some sort of irresistably powerful hydraulic apparatus, dislocating their jaws while they thrash helplessly in their restraints. Now that would be good YouTube...
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